General Rental and Lessons Conditions

These are the conditions that you must sign when hiring:

1.- The signatory of this document, having examined the equipment object of this contract, declares that they are in perfect state of use, and is of the requested quality, suitable for height and declared weight, as well as their level of knowledge. The staff of the establishment has sufficiently explained the operation of the equipment and it was understood.

2.- The client certifies that he is able to use the rented equipment by committing to use it himself and use it wisely without causing any danger to third parties in accordance with current regulations. By express agreement between the parties, the loan or sublease of the equipment is strictly prohibited.

3.- The user identified in this document understands and accepts that the snowboard / ski boot and binding system is not designed to be released and will not release under normal circumstances. The user understands and accepts that the system will not reduce the risk of damage / injury in the event of a fall and will not increase the risk of non-survival in the event of an avalanche, exempting the establishment from liability for this.

4.- The user or, as the case may be, his legal representative, is expressly informed and knows that the practice of Ski / Snowboard constitutes a sports practice that involves a certain risk of suffering falls or injuries, which may be increased, among other factors, by: the age and physical conditions of the users, the proper use of the equipment, the weather conditions and the conditions of the terrain, so this company assumes no responsibility for any injuries that the client may suffer as a result of practicing this sport and of the use of the rented equipment.

5.- The user of the ski / snowboard equipment, clothing, accessories, rented or loaned in this company, is obliged to the custody, conservation and return of the equipment delivered to him, on the indicated date, and in perfect condition (such and how it was received ); Being directly responsible for its deterioration and / or the damages derived from its loss, theft and / or theft, as well as for everything that exceeds its normal wear and tear according to an appropriate and diligent use for what it is intended, otherwise it will pay the amount set in the price table properly exposed and visible in the establishment.

6.- The undersigned of this document declares that he is acting on his own behalf, or where appropriate, on behalf of the minor user identified in this document, from whom he has authorization to contract on his behalf and accept the conditions of this contract, and especially the limitation of liability. The signatory with his consent leaves an identity document or money in the establishment as a deposit that will be returned upon delivery of the rented equipment. NOTE: The personal information of the I.D. will never be used, it is only requested as a guarantee of return of the personal equipment delivered.

7.- Blanca Nieve is not responsible for the deterioration or loss of any personal effects during the practice of skiing/snowborading. Both the establishment and the station have lockers to leave them, paying the corresponding price in each place.

8.- The present conditions of the contract will be ruled by the Spanish legislation that will be applicable in terms of interpretation, validity and execution.

9.- The parties expressly waive the jurisdiction that may correspond to them and expressly submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Granada to resolve any controversy that may arise in the interpretation or execution of these conditions.

10.- As a parent and / or guardian I ACCEPT the conditions, responsibilities and advice that I have received during the start of the activity and those related to Safety within the School. Likewise, I affirm that I assume these conditions free of any pressure or conditioning factor. These conditions are summarized in the following points:

11.- Blanca Nieve cannot be responsible for incidents arising from the practice of this activity if the conditions of participation listed are the subject of false declarations, of non-compliance with security regulations or in case of panic of one or more participants.

12.- Father / mother and / or guardian ASSUMES any responsibility for the possible consequences of misuse of the equipment and / or non-compliance with the safety regulations received. Therefore, I EXEMPT ESCUELA BLANCA NIEVE or any of its staff members, from any responsibility in relation to personal injuries, injury or death that may result from not respecting the established security conditions.


  • Wear sunglasses/goggles with UV400 protection
  • Use high protection factor sunscreen, the reflection of the snow burns more than the sun.
  • Wear warm but light clothing, to enjoy a pleasant day you must feel comfortable.
  • Protect your hands with suitable gloves. In falls we can damage our hands by friction with the snow.
  • Follow all the instructor’s recommendations once the lesson is over. He will indicate you what slopes are most appropriate for each level.
  • Arrive early. Sometimes there are long queues at the store and you may be late for your lesson.
  • Always respect the fixed schedule for the lesson, if you are late we cannot delay the lesson since there are other lessons after yours and other people waiting for it.
  • Always respect other skiers/snowboarders.

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