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Sierra Nevada is the perfect destination for a family winter holiday. For this reason, we would like to give you some tips for enjoying the snow with the little ones, especially if it is the first time they are skiing.


  • What clothes should they wear? At what age should they start learning? Is it better to teach them myself or hire a ski school?

The main thing: make sure they have fun! The thought of going with children to spend a few days in the snow may seem, at first, a bit chaotic. However, it is easy and fun if we follow a series of recommendations.


  • At what age should children learn to ski?

First of all, we recommend waiting until the child is at least 3 years old before their first contact with the snow. At that age children begin to have a certain independence and to control their own movements and we believe that it is a good time to enjoy the snow.

Skiing is a fun, family sport, passed down from parents to children and is becoming more and more popular every day. That’s why we recommend that before going skiing, you talk to them about the sport at home, using videos and books so that they know what they are going to do before they get to the resort. Pass on your passion for skiing to them!


  • Comfortable, warm and safe

When going to the snow and practising a sport like skiing, equipment is very important. For this we must avoid that children feel cold or have sore feet, to prevent them from having a bad experience and not wanting to go skiing again. From Blanca Nieve we recommend to dress the child with three layers and do not forget to wear a helmet, which will not only protect him/her, but will also keep him/her warm.

The first steps in skiing for children should always be with a specialised and expert person and in a safe area. Moreover, they will learn from the very beginning in the correct way and from professionals who are used to dealing with children and who make ski lessons fun and enjoyable.

When skiing with children we must adapt to their pace and not try to get them to go down slopes beyond their level, we must let them gradually gain confidence and experience. Finally, remember to always take a drink to hydrate them and some snacks and fruit to give them energy.

If they still don’t know how to ski, don’t worry, we will teach them with our ski school while you enjoy the snow, fun classes that will allow them to learn to ski while having fun.


  • How long do the lessons last?

The duration of the lessons will depend on the offer you choose and will be detailed in the characteristics of each one of them.


  • What time do the lessons start?

The start time of the ski or snowboard lessons will be agreed with the school secretary’s office when you make your booking by email or telephone. Lessons start on the slopes. For this reason, you should arrive at the school earlier to pick up your equipment – if you have rented it with us – (we open at 8:00 a.m.) and with your ski pass already purchased.

The timetable of the lessons may be modified on the day of the activity due to operational or climatic reasons or for reasons beyond the school’s control.


  • What is the meeting point with the teacher?

The meeting point with the assigned instructor will be located in Borreguiles (already on the slopes and after taking the cable car). The instructor will be waiting for you at the meeting point which you will be informed of when you pass the school before going up to Borreguiles.

Important: you must always go to the school before going up to the slopes to be informed of the meeting point, the name of the teacher, directions, etc… .

To make a reservation you must contact us by email at or by phone on +34 653040560 / 683227866, or by whatsapp if they are busy or out of coverage.


  • Can the school suspend the contracted classes?

No. Lessons will never be suspended, unless the Sierra Nevada ski resort is closed due to weather conditions. Skiing/snowboarding can be practised in snow, so this will not be a reason for cancellation.


  • Can I miss lessons if I don’t book?

During the high season, holidays and weekends, the resort is full and you can miss lessons if you don’t book well in advance.

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