¿Do you need a tune up for your gear?

Ski and Snowboard Workshop
Ski and Snowboard Workshop

At Blanca Nieve we have our own ski and snowboard workshop operated by our trained and experienced ski-man. Here you will find a complete service for the maintenance and repair of skis and boards, from a tune up for a season opening snowfall or regular mid-season maintenance of wax and edges, all the way to a major base repair that require a more complex service in the base of your skis/board.

Within our team of professionals we have Ski-Men who will advice you in the repairs or maintenance that your equipment needs.

¡Have your gear in its best shape!

Ski and Snowboard Workshop
Ski and Snowboard Workshop

¿Why tune my skis?

Having a properly maintained setup can be very beneficial both for the skier and for the equipment´s life. Good edge maintenance allows the ski to grip well on the snow, especially in areas where it is more compact or icy. This allows us to always maintain control over the skis so that we can enjoy all the conditions of the mountain and avoid unwanted body movements that can cause injuries. Keeping our skis waxed allows us not only to slide better in all snow conditions but also to keep their base healthy over time.

Our Workshop
Our Workshop

We also have an Express Tune Service so that you can have your gear ready to rip in a few minutes, with a quick edges tune and a belt wax.

Ski Workshop Pricelist

Encerado de tablas16
Afilado de Cantos14
Encerado tablas + Cantos25
Reparación base + Cantos + Encerado Esquíconsultar
Reparación base + Cantos + Encerado Snowboardconsultar

*Contact us for different type of repairs.

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