Blanca Nieve Ski school in Bariloche
Blanca Nieve Ski school in Bariloche

 The school in Cerro Catedral
The school in Cerro Catedral

History of Blanca Nieve Ski School in Bariloche

The history of our Ski School Blanca Nieve goes back to 1978 in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentine Patagonia. We were born with the aim of developing a nonexistent activity in Catedral Ski Resort: teaching kids how to ski. For more than 20 years in Bariloche, the school provided a high quality service in a relaxed and fun environment, where the little ones had their first contact with the snow and could develop a passion for sports in a playful way. With this formula we became the best kids ski school in South America, training elite skiers like Niki Salençon. He is the Argentine representative in the Freeride World Tour, who took his first steps in Blanca Nieve.

Blanca Nieve in Sierra Nevada

In 2003 we met Sierra Nevada and quickly its magic captivated us, its climate, its people and those eternal sunny days boosted us to start a new adventure in the old continent: we opened Blanca Nieve in Sierra Nevada. Since then we have been gradually expanding our structure to provide a complete service to all snow lovers.

Today we have a wide range of ski and snowboard equipment for rent, we offer ski and snowboard lessons to kids and adults given by a trained team of professional instructors, we coordinate snow kinder garden for the little ones, we sell ski passes we sell ski passes for customers to avoid large queues at the tickets office and we provide a complete snow equipment repair service in our workshop. ¡It´s our dream come true, and we want to share it with you!

Come and meet us this winter season and you will not regret it! Make the most of your experience on the snow with Blanca Nieve in Sierra Nevada!


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