Ski and Snowboard Levels
Ski and Snowboard leves

Find out everything about Ski and Snowboard Levels. ¡What is your skiing/snowboarding level and your kids level, which slopes you can ski or not, what is the next step and more!

Ski levels

A Ski and Snowboard Levels

This is the most basic level, for very beginners. You have this level if you've never skied before or do not get to perform well with the wedge or turn with it.

B Ski and Snowboard Levels

You will be at this level if you control turns and braking with the wedge position and you can brake in parallel in green slopes. At level B you are able to do controlled descents.



C Ski and Snowboard Levels

Skiers who are in the C level begin to change the wedge rotation for the basic parallel turn in green and blue slopes. They have a greater sense of security on descents.

D Ski and Snowboard Levels

At this level, skiers are already able to go down red slopes and control the rotation in parallel, starting in the short turn and entering the ski edging and changes of pace.

E Ski and Snowboard Levels

Skier at this level has enough slack to ski down black runs. Short turn controls led and led changing pace. They can ski in any snow condition and levels.

Snowboard levels

Level for very beginners. For people who have never snowboarded before or have failed to use the lifts or go down green slopes safely. At this level they have difficulty balancing on the board.

At this level the rider is able to snowboard down green runs. Controls the wide turns and is able to control the balance and weight in easy terrain.

This is the advanced level. At this level you control all kinds of trails and snow conditions, although your technique is not 100% yet refined.

If conditions are good, riders at this level can practice freestyle and backcountry.

Ski and Snowboard Levels for children

Those who are able to move along a flat autonomous with skis and slide without falling though don´t know how to brake.

Able to stop with the wedge position themselves in gentle slopes. Speed control.

They are autonomous on green slopes are able to ski down some blue slopes and put their feet together at most turns.

Capable of skiding in parallel are autonomous in blue slopes and put their feet together almost every turn.

Capable of braking on steeper slopes and beginning to give direction to the skis while controlling the speed.

Able to stop on green slopes even stop and turn in wedge position or similar.

Parallel rotatable most of the time. They can go down red slopes and demonstrate control skiding into the turn.

Autonomous in red slopes dominates the parallel skidded short turns. Tehy can ski down black slopes.

Parallel perfected: skiing dominate in all circumstances and start skiing on the edge. Turns conducted.

Training mode. Prepared for competition.

Test: ¿Do you know your Ski / Snowboard level?

Find out what´s your Skiing / Snowboarding level with this online test (website is in german but it auto-translates). ¡Do the test here!. It´s also a good idea to go over the different Ski Slopes Levels to ski / snowboard on the slopes that are best suitable for your level.

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