1.- The signatory of this document, having examined the material/materials that are the object of this contract, declares that they are in perfect state of use, are of the quality requested and are suitable for the declared height and weight, individual or group, as well as for his/her level of knowledge or that of the group/family. The staff of the establishment has sufficiently explained and understood the operation of the equipment. You certify that you are able to use the rented equipment by undertaking to use it yourself and to use it prudently without causing any danger to third parties in accordance with the regulations in force. By express agreement between the parties, the loan or sub-rental of the equipment is strictly forbidden.

2.- The user identified in this document understands and accepts that the snowboard/ski boot and binding system is not designed to release and will not release under normal circumstances. The user understands and accepts that the system will not reduce the risk of damage/injury in the event of a fall and will increase the risk of non-survival in the event of an avalanche, and hereby exempts the establishment from liability for this.

3.- The user or, where appropriate, his/her legal representative is expressly informed and is aware that the practice of Ski/Snow is a sport that involves a certain risk of suffering falls or injuries, which may be increased by, among other factors, the age and physical condition of the users, the appropriate use of the material, the weather conditions and the state of the terrain, for which reason this company accepts no responsibility for any injuries that the client may suffer while practising this sport and using the rented material.

4. – The user of the rented or borrowed ski/snow equipment, clothing, accessories, is obliged to the custody, conservation and return of the equipment given to him/her, on the date indicated, and in perfect condition (as received); being directly responsible for its deterioration and for the damages derived from its loss, theft and/or robbery, as well as for everything that exceeds its normal wear and tear in accordance with a suitable and diligent use according to its destination, otherwise he/she will pay the amount established in the price table duly displayed and visible in the establishment.

5.- The client undertakes to pay the expenses derived from repairs or replacement of the rented material, whatever the reason for the repairs, except those due to normal wear and tear. Repairs shall be carried out exclusively by the lessor and shall be paid for by the client, as well as all materials, equipment and accessories whose repair is technically or economically unfeasible, in the BLANCANIEVE SIERRA NEVADA shop, hereinafter BN-SN, at the replacement price (sales price including VAT minus 15% of wear and tear plus loss of profit for the number of days that cannot be rented that season).

6.- The user identified in this document undertakes to be the only one to use the equipment, and not to transfer it or allow it to be used by any person other than the user. Likewise, he/she will be responsible for any damages that he/she may cause to third parties and his/her own with the rented equipment during the time he/she has it in his/her possession, completely exempting the establishment.

7.- The user undertakes to use the rented equipment for the sporting purposes for which it is intended, respecting the rules of use of the facilities of the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort and the safety rules of the slopes, and not for any other purpose; and not to carry out, or allow others to carry out any manipulation or changes of configuration or adjustments to it, especially of the settings of the bindings.

8.- The user accepts the prices set by the establishment for the rental of each unit of equipment, which are displayed in a visible place and which have been made clear to him/her, accepting their temporary return until the equipment is returned in perfect working order and condition.

9.- Refunds: The early return of ski/snow equipment due to total closure of the resort, for technical or meteorological reasons that prevent it from being used or due to a ski/snow accident occurring in the resort, provided that it is duly justified as accredited, in the latter case, by means of an optional certificate, will give the right to the delivery of a voucher exchangeable for uses not enjoyed and never to a total or partial refund of the amount paid for rental or contracted services. This voucher will not be valid if it is not duly legitimised by the incorporation of a stamp and signature that accredits the personality and the power of disposal of the person who delivered it (BN-SN), and can only be exchanged during the same SKi/Snow season, or the one immediately following upon request by presenting a DNI/NIF that accredits the identity of the applicant and ownership of the voucher. Any sign of manipulation or falsification of the voucher will result in its cancellation, without validity.

10.-The early return of the rented material by the client for not wanting to use it, does not entail any refund or discount on the price set per day. The rental is per day regardless of the number of hours of use.

11.- When the ski resort is closed to the public from first thing in the morning, the refund will be made by retarification of the contracted service, e.g.: of 3 days, 1 refund will be applied to the rate of 2 days pvp, which are those used, this amount being contributed to a voucher.

12.- Cancellations: the cancellation of classes or rentals by the client, as long as it is made 72 hours before the date of the reservation of the activity will be fully refunded. Cancellations after the deadline will not be refunded.

13.- Arriving late to the contracted classes will result in the total or partial loss of time of the contracted service, it is not possible to recover the lost time, delay the classes or modify the timetable. Classes start at the scheduled time regardless of whether or not the student has arrived at the beginning of the class. E.g.: I contract 2 hours and arrive 30 minutes late, 30 minutes lost.

14.-Weather is not considered as a reason for refund, cancellation and/or cancellation, adverse weather conditions, as long as the resort remains open will not lead to discounts, refunds, cancellations or cancellations. If the resort remains open, the contracted services will be considered as consumed.

15.- Bookings: the availability of services is not guaranteed without a firm and confirmed booking by the Blanca Nieve secretariat.

16.- The return of rented equipment must be made between 09:00 and 17:30 on the agreed day of delivery. If the equipment is returned outside these hours, a penalty will be applied by paying the amount corresponding to 1 additional day’s rental for each day of delay in its return in accordance with the daily amount fixed on our web page ( and coinciding with the price of rental/day.

17.- The signatory of this document declares that he/she is acting on his/her own behalf, or if applicable, on behalf of the minor user identified in this document, of whom he/she is authorised to contract on his/her behalf and to accept the conditions of this contract, and in particular those limiting liability. The signatory, with his/her consent, leaves an identity document or money at the establishment as a deposit, which is returned on delivery of the rented material. NOTE: The personal details of the D.N.I. will never be used, it is only requested as a guarantee of return.

18.- The present conditions of the contract shall be governed by Spanish legislation, which shall be applicable in all matters not provided for in the same in terms of interpretation, validity and execution. The parties expressly waive any jurisdiction that may correspond to them and expressly submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Granada to resolve any dispute that may arise in the interpretation/execution of these conditions.

Particular conditions of La Escuela Blanca Nieve:

19.-As a user/parent and/or guardian I ACCEPT the conditions, responsibilities and advice that I have received during the start of the activity and those relating to Safety within the School. Likewise, I affirm that I accept these conditions free of any pressure or conditioning factors. These conditions are summarised, but not completed, in the following points: 1) Minimum age: 3 years old without nappies. The equipment provided for the activity (skis, helmets, boots) can only be adjusted by E.B.N. staff. 2) E.B.N. cannot be held responsible for any incidents arising during the practice of this activity if the listed conditions of participation are subject to false declarations, non-compliance with safety rules or in case of panic of one or more participants. 3) E.B.N. cannot be held responsible for the deterioration or loss of personal belongings during the activity. Lockers are available at the station.

20.-The user/parent and/or guardian ASSUMES any responsibility for the possible consequences of misuse of the equipment and/or non-respect of the safety rules received. Therefore, I EXEMPT ESCUELA BLANCA NIEVE or any of its staff from any responsibility for any personal damage, injury or death that may occur as a result of not respecting the safety conditions.

21.- Attention: It is forbidden to ski outside marked or closed slopes. Ski on slopes according to your level: easy; green and blue; intermediate red; expert black. Ask for a piste map or buy it at the ticket office. Take care of the mountain, use the litter bins, do not throw cigarette butts, respect the indications and safety rules posted on the cable cars. Emergency 112, 900249100. Skiing can be practised by any healthy person of any age, but it involves certain risks. It depends on your physical condition and health. You are responsible for your own assessment. Please let us know if you have any doubts before you start. We recommend: (Not included in the lesson fee, available in the shop) Helmet, sun cream, sunglasses, gloves, waterproof trousers and jackets, back protectors, wrist and knee protectors. Do not sit on slopes, if you fall, move to the side of the slope to avoid being run over, always look behind you and in front of you. Snowboarding: take extra care with your wrists. Skiing: take extra care with your knees Max. 12 adults in a class. Max. 10 children in class. Ages: Children: <2 years in private class. <5 years in group class. Adults: h/any age if you are able. The company has CR, Health Care, Rescue and Transfer insurance.





In accordance with the provisions of current legislation on Personal Data Protection, we inform you that your data will be incorporated into the processing system owned by CASTELLI SILVIA VIVIANA, with NIF: X4796437V, domiciled at Edificio Telecabina local 10, (Sierra Nevada), C.P.: 18196 de Monachil (Granada) Telephone: 683 22 78 66 and e-mail address We will process the personal data you provide us with in order to be able to manage and offer you the services you have contracted and to invoice you for them. Your data will be kept for the period strictly necessary to comply with the aforementioned precepts, or for the period required to comply with legal obligations. Unless you inform us to the contrary, we will assume that your data have not been modified, that you undertake to notify us of any change and that we have your consent to use them for the aforementioned purposes. By virtue of the right to one’s own image recognised in article 18 of the Constitution and regulated by Law 1/1982, of 5 May, on the right to honour, personal and family privacy and one’s own image, we request your consent to publish the photographic images and video recordings made of the signatory if he/she is of legal age, or of those enrolled by the signatory as children or guardians, in which they appear individually or in groups that may be made in the different sequences and activities carried out, in order to promote the activities of this school, publishing them on social networks and on the website. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation. The legal basis for the processing is the contractual relationship or the provision of your consent, which may be withdrawn upon request. We inform you that we have implemented the necessary technical and organisational security measures to guarantee the security of your personal data in accordance with the provisions of current legislation. You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether we are processing your personal data; therefore, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation of processing, deletion, portability and opposition to the processing of your personal data by contacting us at the postal address indicated above or by sending an e-mail to I ACCEPT AND SIGN ON THE BACK.

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