Ski and Snowboard Rental in Sierra Nevada

In our ski rental in Sierra Nevada we offer you the best ski and snowboard equipment so that you can enjoy your day on the mountain to the fullest and without worries.

Ski and Snowboard rental equipment
The best equipment

Everything you need in one place !!

You no longer have to worry about jumping from store to store to equip yourself. At Blanca Nieve we have the most complete equipment, everything you need to enjoy your favourite mountain activitie: skis, snowboards, boots, technical clothing, gloves, goggles , helmets and accessories.

We have a wide variety of equipment, elite for the most experienced, technical for intermediate level skiers and sport for those who are venturing for the first time, as well as gear specially suited for the youngest of the family.

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Snowboard and ski rental
Ski and Snowboard rental equipment for kids
Ski equipment for kids

Enjoy the best ski and snowboard equipment in Sierra Nevada. Let our Staff advise you to find the gear that best suits your needs.

Clothing and accessories

At Blanca Nieve we have been providing an extensive rental service for years to cover all the needs of our clients. In addition to the boards, we offer technical clothing (jacket and pants), necessary accessories (goggles and gloves) and safety accessories (helmet, wristguards, knee pads, back protectors, etc) essential to be protected for both beginners and experienced, kids or adults.

Clothing and accessories for non-skiers

In Blanca Nieve we do not forget about people who come to Sierra Nevada to enjoy its views and get to know the snow for the first time but without venturing into skiing or snowboarding. For all of them we offer apreski boots (for walking on the snow), clothing (jacket and pants), gloves and a large variety of sleds. So that they can play and have fun in the safest and warmest way.

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Lockers and Ski storage

In addition to the most complete equipment, at Blanca Nieve we have lockers where you can safely leave all your personal belongings while enjoying the snow. And if you do not want to carry your skis back to the hotel, we also have a ski storage service to leave your equipment until the next day. This is a highly requested service by our clients, taking into account our privileged location in the Sierra. We are at the bottom of the chairlift Parador I, steps away from the Borreguiles Gondola and at the end of the ski-slope El Río.


Apart from the most classic services, for those who want to do an alternative mountain activity to skiing or snowboarding, we have Snowshoes. These allow you to hike in the mountains in winter. Snowshoes are used to walk on snow in a safe and stable way, since by increasing the surface of our foot they prevent us from sinking into the snow. They can be used to make a pleasant walk in the snow or to venture more challenging crossings and reach important summits.


Kid´s Edgie Wedgie

The edgie wedgie is an accessory that is added to kid’s skis, especially for the little ones during their first days in the snow. This thick elastic band goes attached to the tips of the skis, keeping them in a “v” or “pizza” position and it works as a guide for the child to acquire the initial ski position and therefore facilitating his learning.

Kid´s Edgie Wedgie
Kid´s Edgie Wedgie

Come and meet us this next winter season and you will not regret it! Enjoy the most of the snow with Blanca Nieve in Sierra Nevada!

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