The use of the website implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in the Legal Notice in the version published by SILVIA VIVIANA CASTELLI at the time the User accesses the site. Consequently, the user must read this Legal Notice carefully.

-Conditions of reservation and sale of services

The BLANCA NIEVE School offers its customers all the services listed on this website, with the conditions and prices specified therein, except in the case of typographical errors.

The school assumes full and individual responsibility for the services provided by its own staff, assuming full and individual responsibility for them.

The school declines all responsibility for accidents that may occur as a result of normal skiing.

There are complaint forms available to the public.

In the case of activities that require a minimum number of people to be carried out, if the day before the activity the necessary requirements have not been met, the school will choose to modify the date of the activity or reduce the class time or the stipulated services. Even the cancellation of the service. Please consult conditions in each case.

Reservations must be made 7 days in advance.

The booking will be confirmed once the amount has been received. If this is not done, the booking process will be considered not to have been carried out.

The availability of services is not guaranteed without a firm and confirmed reservation by the Blanca Nieve secretariat and/or the Management.

The contact email will always be

Cancellations of services must be made 72 hours prior to the date of the activity booking.

Cancellations made outside this period will not be refunded, nor will they be changed for another day or another service, and the amount paid will be lost.

The early return of ski/snow equipment due to a skiing or snowboarding accident at the resort, provided that it is duly justified and as accredited in this case by a medical certificate, the client will be issued with a receipt for the services not provided, which will be essential for the school to issue a voucher redeemable for uses not enjoyed, and never a refund by the school to the client, in full or in part of the amount paid.

The early return of ski/snow equipment due to total closure of the resort, for technical or meteorological reasons that prevent it from being used, depending on the timetable, will entitle the customer to receive a voucher redeemable for unused use and never to a total or partial refund of the amount paid for rental or contracted services. This voucher will not be valid if it is not duly legitimised by the incorporation of a stamp and signature that accredits the personality and power of disposal of the person who delivered it (BLANCA NIEVE SIERRA NEVADA), being only redeemable during the same SKi/Snow season, or the immediately following season upon request with the presentation of the DNI/NIF that accredits the identity of the applicant and ownership of the voucher.

Any sign of manipulation or falsification of the voucher will result in its cancellation, becoming NULL and VOID.

When the ski resort is closed to the public from first thing in the morning, the refund will be made by retarification of the contracted service, e.g.: of 3 days, 1 refund corresponds to the rate of 2 days pvp, which are those used, being this amount contributed to a discount voucher for future consumption.

The early return of the rented material by the customer for not wanting to use it, does not entail any refund or discount on the price set per day. The rental is per day regardless of the hours of use.

Weather conditions are not considered as a reason for refund, cancellation and/or cancellation. Adverse weather conditions, as long as the resort remains open, will not lead to discounts, refunds, cancellations or cancellations. If the resort remains open, the contracted services will be considered as consumed.

To access any ski lift in any case it is essential to be the holder of a valid ski pass or ticket for that lift and that date.


The prices set are for rental according to the items requested, and do not include deposit or insurance unless they are contracted separately.

The rented material is for the whole day.

The return of the rented material must be made before 17:30hs on the day agreed for its delivery. Failure to do so will be penalised by the payment of the amount corresponding to 1 additional day of rental for each day of delay in its return. Consult rates.

The user of the ski/snow equipment, clothing, accessories, rented or borrowed is obliged to the custody, conservation and return of the equipment delivered to him/her, on the date indicated, and in perfect condition (as received); being directly responsible for its deterioration and damages derived from its loss, subtraction, theft and/or robbery, as well as for everything that exceeds its normal wear and tear in accordance with a suitable and diligent use according to its destination, otherwise he/she will pay the amount established in the price table duly displayed and visible in the establishment.

The user undertakes to pay the costs arising from repairs or replacement of the rented equipment, whatever the reason for the repairs, except those due to normal wear and tear. Repairs shall be carried out exclusively by the lessor and shall be paid for by the client, as well as all materials, equipment and accessories whose repair is technically or economically unfeasible, at the BLANCANIEVE SIERRA NEVADA shop at the replacement price (sales price including VAT minus 15% wear and tear).

The user undertakes to be the only one to use the equipment, and not to transfer it or allow it to be used by any person other than the user. Likewise, he/she will be responsible for any damages that he/she may cause to third parties and his/her own with the rented equipment during the time he/she has it in his/her possession, completely exempting the establishment.

The rented equipment shall be used for the purposes for which it is intended, in accordance with the rules of use of the facilities of the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort and the safety rules of the slopes, and not for any other purpose; not to carry out, or allow others to carry out, any manipulation or changes of configuration or adjustments to it, especially of the bindings.

The prices set by the establishment for the rental of each unit of equipment are displayed in a visible place in the establishment and on the website, which have been made clear, accepting their temporary return until the complete return of the equipment in a perfect state of use and operation.


The minimum cancellation period is 72 hours before the start of the course. Cancellations not made 72 hours before the start of the course will be considered to have been made or used up.

Students must arrive at the main office of the school, located in Plaza de Pradollano, local 10 cable car building, at least 2 hours before the start of the course and inform the school of their arrival. There you will be informed of the meeting point with the assigned teacher, located on the slopes in Borreguilles.

Lessons are not suspended, unless the resort is closed.

Confirmed bookings can only be changed once. Otherwise, the school reserves the right to consider them to be cancelled or used up.

Booked courses cannot be changed without the agreement of the school secretary.

Courses start at the scheduled time regardless of the number of students present.

The School will not reimburse the course fees if the student is unable to attend the course. Once the course has started, it will be considered as completed and can only be suspended by the teacher in justified cases.

Courses are subject to availability and group formation.

If the cancellation is justified, for reasons of seasonal closure, the amount paid for the booking will be kept on account for the next time.

The school reserves the right to refund, cancel and/or adjust the timetable if the stipulated minimum number of students is not reached. The courses are for a minimum of 4 participants, if this minimum is not reached, the course will be reduced on the following scale.

1 student will be suspended from the course.

2 students 1h of course per day.

3 students 2 hours of course per day.

4 students will be given the whole course.

If the student does not show up on the starting day of the group course, or arrives late, he/she will lose the contracted course as he/she will not be able to follow the evolution and will delay the rest of the participants.

-Ski/Snowboard Private Lessons

The minimum cancellation period is 72 hours before the start of the class.

Indicate in the purchase process: level, ski/snowboard discipline and number of hours of lessons.

Students must arrive at the main office of the school, located in Plaza de Pradollano, Telecabina building, local 10, at least 2 hours before the start of the lesson and inform the school of their arrival.

Arriving late for the contracted classes will result in the total or partial loss of time for the contracted service. It is not possible to make up the time lost, postpone the classes or change the timetable. Classes start at the scheduled time, regardless of whether or not the student has arrived at the beginning of the class. E.g.: I contract 2 hours and arrive 30 minutes late, 30 minutes lost.

The school accepts no responsibility for refunding the cost of classes in the event that they are cancelled for reasons beyond its control.

If 2 classes are contracted, they will be consecutive in the timetable. The same applies for 3, 4 or 5 hours.

In the case of two people, they will be of the same modality, level and discipline for both.

In group classes, only adults and children over 10 years old can go together.

-Vouchers, coupons, chests, offers…

Bookings must be made 7 days in advance.

The minimum cancellation period is 72 hours before the booking date.

Confirmed bookings can only be changed once. Otherwise, the school reserves the right to consider the booking as cancelled or consumed.

Group classes booked cannot be changed without the agreement of the school’s secretary.

Cancellations not made 72 hours in advance will be considered to have been made or consumed.

The ski pass is necessary for this activity. NOT INCLUDED IN VOUCHERS, COUPONS, CHESTS, GIFT CARDS…

Ski equipment is considered to be: boards, boots and poles / snowboard equipment: board, bindings and boots. No clothing, accessories or protections.

IMPORTANT: Purchasing a voucher, coupon, box or offer does not entitle you to use it without prior reservation. It cannot be redeemed without a reservation.

To confirm the booking it is necessary to send the vouchers/gift cards (with full details) by email, once received the booking will be confirmed, without confirmation from the Blanca Nieve secretariat the booking is not confirmed.

It is essential to present the printed / original / physical vouchers / gift cards at our school in order to redeem the offer, we will not be able to provide the service without them!

Offers cannot be accumulated.

Expired vouchers will not be accepted.

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