Different colors are used to identify the different levels of the ski slopes.

The levels of the ski slopes: Green, Blue, Red and Black

Green Ski Slopes Levels

Easy Green Slopes. The easiest slopes on the mountain. Enough to iniciate you on skiing or snowboarding. Easy slopes that allow you to learn to balance and slide, where you will make your first turns. Usually a magic carpet will take you to this different smooth slopes. They are the easiest lifts to use. You will also find chairlifts for beginners.

Blue Ski Slopes Levels

Easy and intermediate Blue Slopes. Gently steeper slopes, a little level is needed. At this tracks, begginer and advanced skiers meet since they are always a good place to step up your game if you are a begginer or to improve your technique if you are an advanced skier. Chair lifts and “poma lifts” will take you to this type of slopes.

Red Ski Slopes Levels

Intermediate and Difficult Red Slopes. These tracks have different levels of difficulty, but to ski down properly you will need certain level. With varied grades this slopes can be very steep and narrow or wide open at some points. They represent a greater challenge than the blue slopes, suitable for intermediate to and high level skiers, not suitable for beginners.

Black Ski Slopes Levels

Expert Black Slopes. Maximum level of difficulty. This slopes are quite steep with grades from 40-60%. Suitable for expert skiers who know how to perform in any ski condition or advanced skiers who like to challenge themselves and improve. The black slopes are usually located at the highest points of the station.

How to behave on the slopes according to your level

Ski Slopes levels
Do not ski in prohibited ski-areas

It is important that you know the Ski Slopes Levels. Always ski on slopes where you can control the speed and that are appropriate for your level. Advance through the levels of the slopes as your performance and confidence in skiing progresses. And never ski on slopes that are closed to the public.


The behavior on ski slopes involves a series of Safety and Performance Standards that must be known. We must avoid dangerous situations caused by our own behavior or by defective or inappropriate ski equipment. Speed must be adapted to snow conditions, slopes levels and our own limitations. We must pay special attention when passing another skier or when joining a piste with a different levels. Avoid unnecessary stops. When we walk on snow, we must always do it by the edge of the track and always respect the signs and indications. In the event of an accident, we are obliged to notify the security services and protect the victim, identify himself and give his testimony.

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