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Ski Instructor in Sierra Nevada
Ski Instructor in Sierra Nevada

Blanca Nieve School is one of the most experienced and recognized Ski & Snowboard schools in Sierra Nevada thanks to the dedication, passion and professionalism of our team of instructors!

At Blanca Nieve we have been teaching ski and snowboard for over 30 years. Our school was created in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina, with the aim of bringing the little ones closer to snow and winter sports. This is how for more than 15 years we dedicated ourselves exclusively to teaching snow sports to kids and adolescents.

Since the year 2003, with the experience gained, we decided to take on a greater challenge, we opened Blanca Nieve Ski and Snowboard School in Sierra Nevada. And we also expanded our services of ski and snowboard Spain lessons to all ages.

Today at Blanca Nieve we offer a wide variety of options to meet the needs of each of our clients and families. Dynamic and productive lessons, individual, in group or family, at all possible time frames and duration. We seek to exploit each client´s potential to add knowledge and experience to end the day with a new learning.

Private Lessons

Private Ski lessons

These lessons are intended for those clients who prefer personalized teaching. An instructor available exclusively for one person or a particular group with the same level and discipline (ski or snowboard). Both for those who want to take their first steps in skiing or snowboarding, and for those who want to improve their skills. We recommend this modality since having a teacher focused on one person or a small group guarantees better results in less time.

Lessons can be individual or in groups. They can be taught in Spanish or English and the duration of these is a minimum of 1 hour although we recommend -especially for beginners- to take at least 2 hours.


Group Lessons

Group ski lessons with Blanca Nieve ski and snowboard school
Group ski lessons with Blanca Nieve

Modality intended for those who prefer to enjoy a lesson in the company of other snow lovers, in a fun environment in which to make friends and connect with people of the same skiing/snowboarding level.

These lessons will be formed with a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 9, of the same level and discipline (ski or snowboard). Like private lessons, they can be taught in Spanish or English.


Instructors at Blanca Nieve Ski and Snowboard School

Ski instructor in action
Ski instructor in action

Learn from instructors who live, breathe and love the mountains. Teachers who have traveled and skied in all parts of the world, making their mountain experience not only a profession but also a life experience.

All the teachers have been trained as Sports Technicians, RFEDI (Real Federación Española de Deportes de Invierno), supported by the Sports Council. They also have the support of international organizations: ISIA – International Ski Instructors Association. Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía (AT GR 0055).

¿Why is it important to take lessons?

Both skiing and snowboarding are super fun and exciting sports, but as mountain sports they are highly influenced by the environment, weather conditions, height, ski-lifts, snow conditions, among others. Added to this, they are sports that require certain skills and equipment that we are naturally not used to using, such as boots, bindings, boards, poles, etc.

For all this, it is essential that our first contact with skiing or snowboarding is next to an experienced professional who is familiar with this environment, who serves as a guide and can give us the confidence and security we need to be able to enjoy the most of this experience.

Having a good first day of skiing is crucial since it will, without a doubt, influence us to want to continue learning these winter sports.

For those who already have a little more experience, you never stop learning. As we already mentioned, these sports require a certain skill that will be developed with practice time on the mountains. Having a professional who can watch us and detect those technical aspects in which to work, will help us enhance our skills and therefore make us fully enjoy the mountain.

Kids and skis

Kids at Blanca Nieve ski and snowboard school
Kids at our ski school

Our extensive experience in teaching kids how to ski tells us that a child should never be forced into these disciplines, because if their first experience is not a good one, they will probably never want to do it again.

Skiing has to be a game where kids feel contained and can enjoy and learn in a playful way.

For this we advise to respect the kid’s ability, to accompany and motivate them. Also, if it is possible, avoid days of intense cold, dress the child with three layers, protect them with gloves, helmet and goggles and make them use sunscreen on sunny days. The contact of kids with snow should be progressive, ideally it is recommended that they have a first approach walking on the snow or playing with sleds.

The child should also feel supported by his peers when playing on the snow, this has to be an environment in which to promote order, respect and camaraderie among them.

Children will learn not only how to walk, slide, but also how to fall! And those falls will be fun! When they are adapted to their skis and they are sliding with more confidence and balance, the next step will be to go up small slopes. They will continue their progression with the help of our teachers, until they become expert skiers.

Ski or Snowboard, which one to choose?

If you are doubting which discipline to practice, which is the most fun or the easiest to learn, we suggest you read the following post published in our, to be able to choose: skiing or snowboarding.


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