One of the most recurrent questions we ask ourselves when we are starting out in the wonderful world of snow is what to learn. Should I learn skiing? or … snowboard?

Generally skiing is easier for beginners: your feet are separated, with a greater range of freedom, and your head and vision are aligned with slope. The result is a more ‘natural’ position that makes it easier for our brain to adapt.

On the other hand, in snowboarding our feet are fixed and we must turn our head to look in the direction of the slope.

ski or snowboard

However, the fact that in skiing we have our feet free, although it helps in the first sessions, makes the progression in skiing more complex, thus equalizing the learning curve between ski and snowboard as you take more classes.

Therefore the answer to the question of Which is more difficult? It could be summed up with the following statements: “Skiing is easy to learn but difficult to perfect” and its counterpart “Snowboarding is easy to learn but difficult to perfect.”

For the little ones Ski or Snowboard?

This initial peak of difficulty is especially important if we take into account the little ones in the house. In general, until they are six years old they will not be ready to enjoy snowboarding, while for skiing we can start teaching them from three or four years old.

Requirement in snow sports

Regarding the requirement, both sports are very good for achieving excellent physical shape, increasing both aerobic endurance and helping the muscle building of certain parts of our body.

Skiing is perfect for strengthening your legs and thighs, in fact you get as good results as running but without the wear and tear on your knees.

For its part, snowboarding focuses more on the core: abs, lumbar and glutes. Whichever you choose, your physical condition will improve and you will show off a better body.

The equipment: ski and snowboard

The equipment necessary for the practice of both sports does not differ much beyond the obvious. In skiing we use skis with their respective boots and in snowboarding we use a board with boots adapted to that board, but the rest of the material: clothing, gloves, glasses … is similar between both sports. With Blanca Nieve you will be perfectly equipped for both sports with our rental of material, both for skiing if you are an adult, practice snowboard and even for the smallest of the each we have children’s material .

It should also be borne in mind that certain terrains make skiing easier while others make snowboarding easier, however it is not something that should worry you since in Sierra Nevada you will find a large selection of tracks and routes that will make you enjoy, whatever you practice.

Another point to keep in mind is: what sports we have previously practiced. For example, people who have practiced skate find adaptation to snowboarding much easier than skiing, since both sports are practiced on a board and certain mechanisms and movements already internalized will facilitate adaptation.

Choose the one you choose with Blanca Nieve you will be fine equipped and advised by our magnificent teachers with the classes taught

Let the fun begin!

skiing or snowboarding, what discipline would you choose to enjoy in Sierra Nevada?

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