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Adventure activities summer in Granada
Adventure activities in Granada: Canyoning

Canyoning is one of the best ways to experience aquatic-based adventure activities during the summer in Granada, a way to explore the best Andalucia has to offer.

Canyoning consists of traversing a gorge or canyon using a variety of techniques such as walking, scrambling, swimming, jumping and abseiling, while wearing and using safety equipment. In canyoning, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Descend natural water slides

  • Jump into crystalline water pools

  • Explore hidden caves and unique landscapes

  • Trek through flowing water

  • Abseil down waterfalls and steep slopes

To safely traverse the canyon, participants wear wetsuits that are specific to this activity, including personal protective equipment such as a harness, helmet, anchor ropes and carabiners. All canyoning activities are led by qualified and experienced guides who supervise all maneuvers to ensure your safety at all times.

¿Can I do canyoning?

From the courageous to the cautious, and from the sporty to the couch-potato, canyoning can be done by anyone seeking that adrenaline rush.

Canyoning is a wide-ranging activity with varying difficulty levels that requires a basic level of fitness. Because there are various available routes on all of our canyoning excursions, some easier than others, canyoning can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.  You always have the option to opt-out of doing the more challenging obstacles.

Canyoning is the perfect group activity for those who want to experience something a little different. The activity really comes alive when done with friends, family, or your partner. It’s also the ideal way to celebrate a stag or hen party. Our company provides all of the necessary equipment and information for you to safely enjoy this activity. We will advise you on the best canyoning excursion for your abilities and needs.

¿What should I bring?

  • Swimsuit

  • Sneakers that are in good condition (canyoning is a slippery sport) – remember to bring a second pair of shoes to change into once the activity is over

  • Towel

  • Sunscreen

  • Hair tie (long hair will need to be tied back to avoid getting caught in the safety equipment)

  • Snack for after the activity

  • Your energy and enthusiasm!

¿What’s included?

⊗ Canyoning specific material

  • Helmet

  • Wetsuit

  • Wetsuit booties

  • Harness, carabiner, descender devices

  • Ropes

⊗ Photos of the activity ⊗ Accident Insurance ⊗ Payment of entry into the park included*

*Entry into the canyon crosses private property which requires a passage fee

¿What canyons can you do in Granada?

  • Río Verde Canyon in the heart of Granada’s tropical coast.

  • Río Lentegí next to río Verde.

  • Tajo Cortés. In the Granada Alpujarras, part of Sierra Nevada’s National Park.

  • Rinconcillo. In Güejar Sierra, Sierra Nevada National Park, very close to Sierra Nevada Ski Station.

  • Trevélez. The Crown Jewel in the Granada Alpujarras, part of Sierra Nevada’s National Park.

Canyoning in Río Verde

Crystalline turquoise waters snaking through an untouched gorge make this one of the most beautiful and exotic canyoning experiences on offer in Andalucia.

Rio Verde has its own micro-tropical climate; its temperate waters surge from deep underground springs. The river’s flow comes from the Sierra Nevada mountain range, ensuring a constant and pleasant temperature throughout the summer, and exquisite water clarity. Apart from its turquoise waters, the Rio Verde canyon is packed with natural, tranquil water pools and mini-waterfalls, providing breathtaking scenery and the perfect option to cool down during the hot Andalucian summer.

Rio Verde canyon is one of the most popular in Spain as it offers something for everyone, from beginners to experts. The route has it all – waterfalls, jumps, serene pools to swim in, water slides and more.

It is, without doubt, one of the most fun and impressive canyoning experiences in Spain. The Rio Verde canyon is divided into several sections and is easily done with just your wetsuit, safety kit, and a snack, which will be carried by your guides. Your dry clothes will be waiting for you at the end of the activity, along with a cool drink and a snack.

3 Options:

Río Verde FULL ROUTE (4- 5 h)  

Don’t miss a thing… the first half of this route holds the most challenging obstacles and biggest slopes. In this first half, you will slide down the longest water slides, abseil down the highest walls and enjoy the longest jumps.  

The second half and lower part of the route is packed with more water slides and jumps, which are less aggressive than in the first half. Our car will drop you off close to the start of the activity (approx a 30 minute downhill walk to the starting point), and another vehicle will be waiting to pick you up when you finish. You will not walk uphill, nor will you need to carry anything else other than your wetsuit and safety gear.

  • PRICE from €65   

  • DIFFICULTY: Moderate-high

  • SEASON: Spring – summer - autumn

  • Price for 5 to 10 people upon request

  • Basic level of fitness required

It’s important to note that although all obstacles can be done by jumping them, none of them are obligatory. You can either go down by rope or via an alternative path.

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Río Verde CLASSIC (2-3 h)

This route takes us through the lower sector of the full canyon route. We start with a 45 mins. hike through an ascending footpath that runs alongside the river. The path crosses suspended bridges and through various beauty spots where you will have the chance to stop and admire the view.

  • PRICE FROM 35€

  • DIFFICULTY: Easy-moderate

  • SEASON: All Year

  • Price for 5 to 10 people upon request

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We recommend this route for total beginners who want to enjoy the full canyoning experience without missing out on all the fun. This route also includes water slides, waterfalls, jumps, abseiling descents and breathtaking scenery.

It’s important to note that although all obstacles can be done by jumping them, none of them are obligatory. You can either go down by rope or via an alternative path.

Río Verde ACTIVE ROUTE (3-4 h)

The upper sector of the full route, which ends at the half-way point of the canyon, whereupon we will take a footpath back to the car park that runs alongside the lower part of the canyon. This route holds the most challenging obstacles. The logistics on this route are the same as on the full route.  

  • PRICE from 55€

  • DIFFICULTY: Moderate

  • SEASON: All Year

  • Price for 5 to 10 people upon request.

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This route is recommended for physically fit people as it contains the most demanding obstacles.

Río Verde alternate options

Water Trail

The very last stretch of the canyon – very low difficulty level – perfect for:

  • Hen and stag parties

  • Family outing with children

  • Complementary activity to a day of rural tourism

If you want to get wet and enjoy Rio Verde minus the canyoning part, then the Water Trail is the perfect option. This activity, which takes place inside the river and in the very last section of the canyon, includes wading through the rivers turquoise waters, jumping off mini cliffs (optional),  and swimming in tranquil water pools. No special kit is required apart from a wetsuit.

This activity is approximately two hours long and super convenient as its starting point is around a 2 mins walk from the car park.

  • PRICE 25€ per person


  • SEASON: Spring – summer - autumn

  • Abseil option upon request (depending on availability)

Río Lentegí Canyon (4 h)

Near Rio Verde and situated close to the town of Otívar is the Rio Lentegi canyon. Rio Lentegi, which flows through an accessible ravine, is one of the more tranquil canyoning spots in the region. Although less popular than Rio Verde, this canyon has one of the best waterfalls from where to abseil down, around 25 metres long. Rio Lenteji also has other outstanding canyoning attractions that make this an unforgettable adventure.

  • PRICE from 45€

  • DIFFICULTY: Moderate

  • SEASON: All year

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Transportation to the canyon from Granada centre €10 pp.

Lunch at  “LOS OLIVOS” restaurant in Otivar with 4 Options:

  • A: Mixed meat grill + potatoes Spanish style + 1 drink = €11

  • B: Mixed meat grill+ potatoes Spanish style + 2 drinks = €12

  • C: Mixed meat grill + potatoes Spanish style + salad +2 drinks = €14

  • D: Mixed meat grill + potatoes Spanish style + salad +2 drinks + coffee or dessert                                                     

El Rinconcillo Canyon (4 h-5 h)

Discover an amazing ravine only moments away from Granada and located in the municipality of Guejar Sierra, within the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. Get your adrenaline rush with impressive abseil descents and gushing waterfalls within a vertical high mountain environment. Surrounded by lush vegetation and dotted with chestnut and oak trees, this descent is truly stunning and one of our best canyoning adventures.

This excursion requires more technique compared to our other canyoning descents, and although we recommend that participants have some prior canyoning experience, this is not required.

  • PRICE from 65 €

  • DIFFICULTY:  Moderate

  • SEASON: Spring – summer - autumn

  • Price for groups of 4-6 people upon request.

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Tajo Cortés Canyon (2 h)

A narrow and vertical canyon, this is our shortest canyoning activity which you can repeat twice (time permitting). Located in the Alpujarra Sierra in the heart of Sierra Nevada, this canyon is conveniently situated only 5 mins away from the car park.

To descend Tajo Cortés you will need to have some prior canyoning experience as it involves abseiling down narrow ravines with flowing water. As this excursion only takes around two hours, it’s the perfect activity to combine with a day of gastronomic tourism through the Alpujarra área.

  • PRICE from 60 €

  • DIFFICULTY:  Moderate

  • SEASON: Spring – summer - autumn

  • Price for groups of 4-6 people upon request.

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Tevélez Canyon

On the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and in the heart of the Alpujarra region sits one of the best-known ravines nationwide. Famous for the peculiarity of its red rocks, which are rich in iron, the waters here flow orange-red, drawing comparisons with the planet Mars.

This canyon is quite unlike others as many areas are narrow with strong gushing water, which can be precarious. Due to the high level of technique required to descend Trevelez canyon, this excursion is only open to participants who have prior canyoning, caving and climbing experience, are comfortable using canyoning equipment and are physically fit.

  • PRICE 95 €

  • DURATION: Between 6-7 hours

  • DISTANCE: 4 to 5 kms.

  • DIFFICULTY:  High – canyoning expertise required

  • SEASON: Summer - autumn

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Vías Ferrata in Granada

Via Ferrata Adventure activities summer in Granada
Vía Ferrata in Granada

What is a Via Ferrata?

Have you ever wanted to climb up a mountain face?

A Via Ferrata is the best way to safely and securely climb a mountain without needing any prior climbing experience.

A via ferrata is a climbing route that allows us to go up a mountain face through the aid of metal rungs, cables and chains whilst being safely anchored throughout the whole activity. Some via ferratas include hanging bridges and zip lines for added exhilaration and fun. Security is provided by a steel cable embedded into the mountain and which runs along the metal rungs. Through specialised equipment, you clip your via ferrata kit into the cable and use the rungs for your hands and feet.

We provide all of the necessary equipment, along with certified guides who have more than 20 years of climbing experience for your safety at all times. Before climbing the route, our guides will show you how to use the via ferrata kit. We offer routes ranging from easy to challenging.

¿Where to do Vías Ferrata in Granada?

¿What’s included?

  • Helmet

  • Harness and ropes

  • Via ferrata kit

¿What do I need to bring?raer?:

  • Wear comfortable sports clothes

  • Sneakers

  • Bring layers to wear during the colder months

  • Sports gloves (not woollen or ski gloves)

  • Sunscreen

  • Hair ties (long hair should be tied back to avoid getting caught in the kit)

Moclín Via Ferrata

The Moclín via ferrata is the perfect introduction to climbing for total beginners. Situated near the Malalmuezo Cave in Moclin, just 30 minutes from Granada, this route includes a suspended bridge, zip line and monkey bridge. The route isn’t long, and access from the starting and end points to the car is quick and easy.

This via ferrata is ideal for the whole family and the perfect introduction to climbing – one of the most fun and easy to do via ferratas in the region. Please consult with us for possible transportation from Granada and back again.

  • PRICE from 25 €

  • DURATION: 2 hours

  • DIFFICULTY:  Easy-Moderate

  • SEASON: Spring – summer - autumn

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Via Ferrata Cueva Horá in Loja

Located in the Sierra Gorda, in the municipality of Loja (Granada) and next to the Hora Cave, this via ferrata is divided into four independent sections. This route includes suspended bridges, zip lines, and abseil descents. Some points on this via ferrata require a bit of physical exertion, but nothing that is too hard.  

Despite not being a high mountain, this via ferrata packs in a lot, including a chimney pass (optional) for the more intrepid souls, and a fun abseil descent.   Although this via ferrata is moderate in difficulty level, there are a couple of optional obstacles for those who demand more of a challenge.

  • PRICE €45 pp, minimum of 3 people required

  • DURATION: 3 hours

  • Height: 90 m

  • Route length: 300 m

  • DIFFICULTY:  Moderate

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Vía Cordata Los Vados

Located just a few kilometres from the Granada coast and situated between the towns of Vélez de Benaudalla and Motríl, this impressive route winds 250m up the mountain wall of Los Vados.

As with typical via ferratas, this route has metal rungs and hand chains, however, instead of an installed cable, the guide attaches a rope to where we clip in, hence its name ‘via cordata’ (cordata means rope).  Although previous via ferrata experience is not required, this route takes around four hours to complete and is almost entirely vertical, so anyone thinking about doing this should be physically fit and be able to withstand prolonged climbing. There are no obstacles on this route such as suspended bridges or zip lines, although there are some rest points along the route.

  • PRICE €75 pp

  • DURATION: 4-5 hours

  • Height: 250 m

  • Route length: 400 m

  • DIFFICULTY:  Easy-Moderate

  • Pre-requisites: Good physical condition

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Multi-adventure trekking multiaventura in “Los Cahorros de Monachil

Los Cahorros Adventure activities summer in Granada
Los Cahorros in Granada

What is multi-adventure trekking in Los Cahorros?

Multi-adventure trekking is just like typical trekking, but with some additional activities included for those who like an adventure.

Trekking in Los Cahorros takes place within the Monachil river canyon in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park. This stunning canyon, filled with magical spots, waterfalls and hanging bridges, is popular with hikers of all ages.

Situated only 2km from the town of Monachil and only 8km from Granada city centre, our trek offers you the opportunity to get closer to Granada’s spectacular nature.  

The majority of people who visit Los Cahorros walk along the delineated path taking in its natural beauty, but we offer something a little extra.

Our trek takes you along seldom trodden paths and involves a number of fun activities such as crossing a ridge using a rope hand-rail, abseiling and zip-lining, which can only be done with a guide.

Experience Los Cahorros differently and enjoy some of its hidden gems, which not many people get to see.  

  • PRICE: 45€

  • DURATION: 4-5 hours

  • DIFICULTAD: Easy (all of the activities along this route are optional)

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¿What’s included?

  • Helmet               

  • Harness and ropes

  • Via Ferrata kit

¿What should I bring?

  • Sneakers

  • Warm layers during the cold months

  • Water and snacks

Please notify us in advance if you have any allergies, any special clothing sizing to ensure we provide you with the right harness, ages of all participants and any other things we should be aware of.


Rafting Adventure activities summer in Granada
Activities in Granada - Rafting

For sheer exhiliration and fun, you can’t beat rafting.

Rafting consists of travelling down a river in the direction of the water current while in a rubber raft. This activity is carried out by a guide who will sit in the raft with you while you and the other participants row in unison.

This is the perfect activity to share with family or friends, and is also ideal for hen and stag parties. If you don’t have a group, we will find a group you can join.

There is no better way to cool down in the hot Andalucia than with a rafting excursion.


You don’t need any prior rafting experience to enjoy this activity, but all participants should know how to swim. Please notify us if you plan to do this with children.

This activity is subject to weather conditions and may be cancelled at short notice. If cancelled, we will reschedule the excursion.

Río Guadalfeo - Rafting Granada

Located in the Alpujarra region near the town of Orgiva, this rafting excursion is divided into two difficulty levels. Perfect for beginners or for those with some rafting experience, you’ll be blown away (figuratively speaking), by the adrenaline rush.

Choose from the upper part of the river, which is the easiest and most tranquil part, or the lower section for a more challenging ride.

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Rio Genil-Benameji - Rafting Andalucia

Nestled between the towns of Tejar (Benamejí) and Palenciana in the province of Córdoba, lies the river Genil. Popular due to its location near Malaga, this rafting route navigates 8km down the river and is of  moderate difficulty level.

¿What’s incuded?

  • Helmet and oars.

  • Wetsuit.

  • Life saving jacket.

¿What do I need to bring?

  • Swimuit

  • Sneakers (remember to bring another pair of footwear to change into once the activity is over)

  • Towel

  • Sunscreen

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